Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Big Day

On October 5th I walked down the isle to my now husband...What a day! It's one that I'll never forget but will also never remember all of the details of either.

We had a whirlwind week in Vermont. We prepped things at my parent's house, visited with the in laws, had our semi-combined bachelor and bachelorette parties, had a rehearsal dinner, and tried to visit with all the guests from out of town.

I will admit I did have one mini-melt down. The night before the wedding. I'd gone to bed, but had butterflies and couldn't fall asleep. Jeremy decided to visit with his friends for a while. After stopping in the room for a minute and promising to only have one more beer, said he'd be up to go to bed too. Well I just couldn't take it anymore. I needed some time with him too, that didn't involve wedding planning or other people. So being the loving person he is he decided to stay with me.

On our wedding day I started with some sun salutations and focused breathing to calm some nerves before doing anything. Then I went to hair and makeup with my lovely MOH Melissa. We went to a great salon where the staff was very friendly. I had some ideas in mind for the girls to go off of but also realized they aren't going to get it exactly the way it is in the picture. I was the easy bride. The bride who didn't have much of an opinion as long as it looked good. The girl who did my makeup was getting married next year and was asking about some of the vendors we used. She also said she hoped she was as laid back as I was on her wedding day. I think I was so laid back because we worked hard to get things to where we wanted them, the rest was up to the people we hired. At that point all you can do is put your faith in the people you've hired and hope they're going to do their job.

After getting ready at the farm house and getting some bridal shots done with our lovely photographer before the wedding we were ready to head over to the ceremony and reception. The things I remember the most about our ceremony are the music stopping as I was halfway down the isle with my father. We stopped and laughed. Once I was up standing with Jeremy, Gus our husky was sitting in the second row with a friend and he desperately wanted to be with us. He howled and waved at us. I remember the tears in Jeremy's eyes as he said his vows, and how his tears brought tears to my eyes. And the kiss! It was a good kiss, he even wiped a little snot on me, haha.

The reception went just as seamlessly and we had a ball. The caterer provided delicious food, the DJ played great music and did our MCing. And the cake...ohhhh the cake. I wanted chocolate cake, Jeremy wanted lemon. The bottom layer was chocolate with a mocha mousse frosting between the layers, and the top two layers were lemon with a buttercream frosting between the layers. The pieces were huge too, I unfortunately couldn't eat my whole piece even though I really wanted to. During the speeches given by Melissa and Torry (the best man) Gus got put out in the truck so we wouldn't have to keep an eye on him the whole time. So instead of watching him we listened to him...he howled the whole time. I started to immediatly cry when the father/daughter song started to play. Then the dancing started, and the night ended, too soon in my eyes, with everyone on the dance floor.

We had such a wonderful day and I wouldn't change a thing about it. We were surrounded by our closest friends and family, and the weather couldn't have been better.

Here are some pictures I'm snagging of facebook, I should have the professional ones soon!

 The foliage was incredible

 Dancing with my boys

  One of my sneak peeks :)