Wednesday, March 6, 2013


So recently I have been slacking in the blogging/new photos department. Partly because there doesn't seem like there's much to take pictures of right now since it's kind of in between seasons, and because it's been sunny for like a week.
I did get out to take some swan photos with my telephoto lens, most of them aren't much to look at since the swans were cleaning themselves the whole time. And it's really hard to see if I had the light/dark contrast right when it's really sunny out. But I did enjoy the sun, Jeremy fished a little without luck and Gus ran all over the place.
The last few days I've gone out to the porch to soak up some sunshine even. We have internet issues so it has prompted me to go outside, sit in the sun and read. It has been wonderful. I'm also getting excited to start my gardening. In a couple of weeks I'll be starting my tomatoes inside then a couple weeks after that cucumbers and zucchini!

From yesterday on the porch...can you blame me for not sitting inside on my computer?